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Canadian by birth (Kingston, Ontario), Bob headed south across the border to attend Cornell University and play college hockey in 1970. After graduation he managed to parlay that athletic gift into a brief yet memorable minor-league professional hockey career. Surviving that experience with most of his teeth and a desire to find considerably less dangerous employment, he became a dual citizen and has worked in an eclectic array of bill-paying endeavors—from house painter to high school teacher to college instructor to music teacher to writing teacher to dream analyst.

Bob earned an MFA in Writing degree from Vermont College in 1994. A longtime singer-songwriter, four albums with all-original tunes are out there and available in the world of contemporary acoustic music. In 2010, North of Eden Press published a collection of his personal essays entitled A Chicken Hawk Comes Home. Recent poems have been published by Lascaux Review and Wordrunner.

Three years ago, Bob and his wife moved to Taos, New Mexico from Montpelier, Vermont. Their daughter, Sam, is currently attending Mt. Holyoke College in western Massachusetts.

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